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Prayer at St Stephen’s

Morning Prayer Online  Broadcasts live on our Facebook Daily Prayer page each Tuesday and Friday morning at 7.30am

You can find a full list of monthly readings HERE

Praise and Prayer Service

One hour, once a month to pray for one church.  Come and join us on the Second Sunday in the month at 7pm to pray and sing worship for our church and community.

Prayer Space 
A space to be.
Sometimes it is good to be able to set aside a special place in which to pray.   The church is open each Wednesday morning from 10am – 12 noon.

Prayer Quilts
Prayer quiltsEight years ago, 3 ladies dipped into their fabric stashes to make a prayer quilt together for a very special friend who was battling aggressive breast cancer.  The end result had love and prayers in every stitch and we realised that we could use our God-given sewing talents to bring comfort and prayers to others.  Since then St Stephens’ Prayer Quilt Ministry has made many cosy quilts, incorporating fabric recycled from cotton shirts, dresses, pyjamas and bed linen, for recipients all over the world, with personalised labels and prayers ‘tied’ by the St Stephens congregation into every one.  If you know someone struggling with a life-changing event who would appreciate a prayer quilt, please speak to Donna or Jill to find out more.  Alternatively please contact the church office.  Donations of cotton fabric and money for supplies most welcome and we have some photographs from this ministry here and Jill talks about this ministry here.

Prayer Chain
At St. Stephen’s we operate a ‘prayer chain’.  This means that if somebody needs urgent prayer, a member of the chain can be informed, who will then pass the request on to the next person in the chain, and so on.  This is a most effective way of getting as many people involved in the prayer focus as quickly as possible.

If you have a situation that requires prayer, please contact Hilary Bicknell or the church office on 01428 642609.