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Know Your Bible Study Group
Know Your Bible (KYB)  : Friday Mornings 10am

A delicious aroma of coffee greets us every Friday as we, a gathering of 11 committed women, meet to chat, to pray and to wrestle with the word of God. KYB starts with a relaxed catch up and a prayer time that can take different forms, more often than not ending with a Northumbrian prayer liturgy, before we jump into our study. KYB stands for ‘Know Your Bible’ which is a series of Bible study guides.  The method we use is to look at the Bible passage on our own before the meeting, and answer the questions in our study guide. This is our own private study; no one will check it! We find this not only helps us to relax into it, but enables us to share together the amazing richness of the passage and nuggets of knowledge that we have gleaned from our personal preparation. Everyone participates freely in discussing what it means in context, and how we can apply it in our own lives. These times challenge, strengthen and energise us amidst laughter, and sometimes tears of vulnerability, as we open up to each other; learning what community means, who we are and who He wants us to become.  For further information please contact the church office.

Ladies Breakfast  third Saturday of each month at 8 am.

This group is open to all ladies. We meet on the third Saturday of each and every month at 8 am. We enjoy breakfast and fellowship in each other’s homes for about an hour. We each make a small donation at the breakfast and the ‘host’ chooses where to send the donation, perhaps to a local charity or to church work or a Mission Partner. For further information please contact the church office.