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Watching Facebook live stream videos

Using Facebook to watch live stream worship by Jenn, Helen, Simon and Andy

To watch St Stephen’s Facebook videos, you do not need a Facebook account (although if you do have one you can set up notifications of live videos, and avoid lots of “please login” banners).

Browse to

You can ignore the banner at the bottom of the page inviting you to log in to see more.


As you scroll down you will see any currently live videos listed, as well as a videos section which will include all the previous live videos. Clicking a video’s image will play the video. If there is a playback problem with previously recorded videos (not live ones) you might be able to watch them by clicking Videos in the left menu, and selecting them from there



If at any point you see this request to login, you can select the subtle “Not Now” link, and continue using the site anonymously.