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AA To Do

The pages that have yet to be written or Revised. (64 total) 55 Done

  • Completely new pages (11 pages)
    1. Accessiblity – base this on
    2. 50%     Visitors Page/ New Here – Base this on 50% doneLouisa Done
    3. 25%     Service Times (may link to the above)  25% done.  Needs someone with a gregarious welcoming style..not a software developer.
    4. Men – tbd – Have emailed Colin due 19-2
    5. Women – Ladies Drinks done, waiting on info from Maura due 30-1
    6. Alpha/Start Yes -where is the page.  I have some copy about Start from Clare.  We should also have this as a one of the rotating images on the front.  Have added a page called “Start Course” (click on the name to access)
    7. 0% Teaching (Series Info)? Danny to write?
    8. 0% How to Give – Done (see link ‘here’ above)   I’ve also written another page called Giving Time and Talents but I’m not sure where it is in the hierarchy because I can’t find the hierarchy!  The giving pages will need links to documents but no idea how you do that! (D.M Added to menu, need to get electronic copy of form or scan to add the link)
    9. 25% ‘People’ list of and descriptions See here  – 25% complete input required by people concerned. I am contacting.

Revise to current standard (correct later)

  1. Baptisms – needs to be more like
  2. Weddings – Needs to be more like www. 
  3. Funerals & Memorials – Needs to be more like


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