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Buildings Pictures

The first phase of the redevelopment of the building is now complete, and we will be showing pictures of events as they take place in it. Pictures of the induction in June 2007 of the new Vicar Danny Wignall can be seen below.

Before the service
The Bishop of Guildford, Christopher Hill and Danny Wignall, before the service begins.
Bishop and Danny
The Bishop begins the induction.
Danny and family
Danny presents his wife Debs and their sons Jacob and Joel to the assembled congregation.
gifts from parish reps
Parish representatives present symbolic gifts to the new Vicar.


Andrew Danny and NeilLoRes
Danny with his churchwardens, Andrew and Neil.
maura and helpers
The catering supremo Maura, has a welcome drink with Sue and Bill as the reception gets started.

My thanks to Alan Brown for these memorable photographs.