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WELCOME to the section about the Church Buildings Project, which aims to provide better and more flexible accommodation, whilst staying within the boundaries of the existing church and Cross buildings. Pictures of progress so far can be found here.

The planning application for the church redevelopment has been accepted by the local Planning Committee and the Diocesan Advisory Committee and initial earthworks were completed in July 2004. The illustration above gives an idea of the proposed appearance of the changed buildings, as viewed from Church Road. The main addition is a link structure between the existing Cross (left) and the church (right). This will enable people to make use of both buildings without needing to go outside, and the extra space will allow us to redesign the internal layout of the church according to our needs.

The outside shape of the building has now been decided, and so has the detail on the inside. This includes colour schemes, type and style of chairs and flooring. All this has been done with the help of the Diocesan Advisory Committee who take a close interest in such matters. The car park is now in use, the work on the roof is complete and building work began in July 2005.

The first phase was completed in early 2006.

Further drawings can be viewed by clicking here. A plan can be viewed by clicking here.

You can call the Buildings Project Team with any questions or comments. Paul Grant is in charge of co-ordinating the feedback for this exciting new venture.Church-Road-Elevation