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Preparations for starting nursery

Prior to starting at Rainbow Nursery we provide a pre-term social event for newcomers, so both you and your child have the opportunity to make new friends and meet members of our Parent Social and Fundraising Group, the staff and others joining us at Rainbow Nursery. Members of staff will be available to talk to and share any specific concerns or worries that you may have, regarding your child’s settling in.

Following the social event, your child will be invited to join us for a visiting session independently for one hour the next day, details on the times will be in your starter pack.

Your child’s first day


I am sure you have anticipated the day your child starts nursery for some time, and may naturally have one or two concerns or questions regarding the matter. Please don’t worry. We are an experienced, professional team, who love our ‘work’ and we are here to help and make the transition from home to nursery one of enjoyment for both you and your child. Here are one or two thoughts which might help ease you and them into the nursery routine.

  • It is not a good idea to linger. Once you have said your ‘farewells’ it’s best to
    leave promptly.
  • If your child is unhappy or tearful when you leave, hand your child with a positive attitude to a member of staff for them to distract and comfort them. With the appropriate level of support, most children will have stopped crying and began to play, before you have left the car park! After a short period, we will ring if they have not settled. We do not want your child to be distressed any more than you do. We will speak to you if we feel more support with settling in is needed.
  • Be positive about your child starting nursery; help them to understand what is going to happen. If you feel confident and happy about the experience, the chances are they will too! Avoid talking about any anxieties or worries you may have about nursery in front of them. They will ‘pick up the vibes’. Ask for a private word with myself or a member of staff to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  • If your child is having difficulty settling, please feel free to bring in a transition toy/item for them to cuddle/hold until you return to collect them. Please name the item and don’t send in anything too precious!
  • Don’t worry about toileting. We will go along with you and your child’s needs and endeavour to support them at whatever stage of training you have reached. Please provide your child with a clearly named bag with changes of clothes (named clothes would be useful!) and nappies/pull-ups/wipes for toileting accidents and over exuberant water play!
  • Please label all coats and accessories to ensure belongings get back to the right child.
  • Please do talk to us, we are never too busy to listen; your thoughts and opinions are important to us.

During this period, as we establish a new relationship between your child and Rainbow, we would encourage you to stay no longer than necessary. We feel children need a chance to adjust and settle on their own. You can be assured that we will contact you if your child is unhappy, or feel they need the added security of your presence for a while longer. It is true to say that most children settle very happily and give no cause for concern.

13. Nursery timetable


9:00am Arrival and registration, Settling-in
9:15am-10.00am Free choice play & adult led activities inside and outside
10:00am Snack bar opens
10:45am Tidy up time
10:55am-11:15am Circle time/outside play group 1
11:15am-11:35am Circle time/outside play group 2
11:40am Going home prayer & giving out of letters etc.
11:45am Going home time/lunch time


12:30pm Arrival and registration, Settling-in
12:45pm – 1.00pm Free choice play & adult led activities inside and outside
1:45pm Snack bar opens
2:30pm-2:40pm Tidy up time
2:40pm-2:55pm Circle time/outside play group 1
2:55pm-3:10pm Circle time/outside play group 2
3:10pm Going home prayer & giving out of letters etc.
3:15pm Going home time

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