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Policies and Procedures (Continued)

Non-collection of child policy

The parents are asked to provide specific information which is then recorded on their child’s personal details form.
This information includes:

  • Parents/carers address and telephone numbers, including mobile numbers
  • Place of work address and telephone number (if applicable)
  • Contact names and addresses of two emergency contacts, people who are authorised
    by the parents/carers to collect their child if they are unavailable.
  • Information about any person who does not have legal access to the child e.g. estranged

On occasions when parents/carers are not going to be at home or in their usual place of work, they should inform the manager of this and offer an alternative contact number to reach themselves or someone nominated by them. On the occasions when the parents/carers are not going to be available to collect the child they must inform the nursery of the name of the person nominated to collect their child. This will then be noted in our ‘child collection file’. The person’s name will be recorded in the book, and on arrival to collect the child the person will have to identify themselves at the gate before access will be granted. If in doubt, or if authorization for the collection of the child was not given, the staff must make contact with a parent/carer or emergency contact before the child will be allowed off the premises with the person who has arrived to collect. If children are not collected on time ( 15+ minutes late) regularly the parents/carers will be charged for the additional time at 1-hour fee rate*. This charge will be at the discretion of the manager. If no one can be contacted to verify the person who has arrived to collect the child or if no one has arrived to collect the child, the child will remain in the nursery supervised by two members of staff. The manager or deputy will try to contact their parents/carers or emergency contacts.
*at current hourly fee rate.

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