Church – 01428 642609
Rainbow – 01428 656086
GU27 1NS

Emergency closure policy

rainbow playground picture

On the first day of an emergency closure you will:

  • Be contacted by the manager or deputy by text, phone or E-mail.
  • If the nursery has to close for more than one day, you will be contacted by one
    of the above methods. If you are unsure, please ring the nursery, on the above number,
    after 8.30am; the phones are only answered if the nursery is open.
  • If it is necessary to close the nursery during the day, once the decision is made
    and parents will be contacted immediately and asked to collect their children as
    soon as possible.

Please ensure that if your contact phone numbers, home or mobile have changed, that we have your new details.
If you have an E-mail, please make sure you have provided details.

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