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Rainbow – 01428 656086
GU27 1NS

Policies and Procedures (Continued)

In the case of a complaint

We believe that most issues can be resolved quickly and easily following a complaints procedure as outlined below.

  • If a member of staff or parent/carer is uneasy about any aspect of the provision they should discuss the matter in the
    first instance with the manager or deputy.
  • If these discussions do not have a satisfactory outcome the complainant should write to the manager (or if the complaint is regarding the manager) to the chair of The Rainbow Support Group.

The chair of The Rainbow Support Group is
Lana Kelsey
C/o St. Stephen’s Church
Church Road
GU27 1NS

The complainant may request a meeting with the manager and/or the chair of The Rainbow Support Group and other parties can be invited if deemed necessary. A written record of the meeting will be made, along with an agreed action plan (if required). All parties at the meeting will sign the record and will be sent a copy. This signed record signifies that the procedure has concluded. Any necessary actions will be followed and monitored.
If following the meeting and agreed action there still appears to be a breach of the nursery’s registration requirements and neither the complainant or representatives of The Rainbow can reach an agreement the complainant should contact Ofsted (Office for standards in education) who are the school’s registration and inspection body.

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