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Equal Opportunities Policy

We do not discriminate against anyone, pupils, staff or parent/carers, on the grounds of their faith, racial origin, cultural and linguistic background, sex, social group or disability.

Pupil’s rights

It is the right of all pupils to receive the best standard of care and education we can offer, with equal access to all the learning opportunities (toys, resources and activities outdoors and indoors). We fully promote the principles of fairness and equality through the environment we create, the curriculum we offer, and the respect and care we show to each child.

Barriers to learning

We constantly review our practice and will remove any forms of indirect discrimination that might form barriers to learning. We support each individual child to achieve their full potential.

Positive social attitudes

We aim to promote positive social attitudes and respect for each other. We would challenge and deal with incidences of stereotyping, racism or prejudice towards minority groups if they were to occur and we celebrate the cultural diversity of our society. Our school is welcoming to everyone. We promote an understanding of different cultures and backgrounds through the planning and delivery of the daily curriculum, through the positive attitudes of the staff, and through the environment we create. We use displays, books, posters, puzzles, DVD’s, CD’s life-like models, puppets and dolls etc. in play and as a teaching resource.

Special Needs

The Rainbow has regard to the DfES (Department of Education and Employment) SEND Special Education Needs and Disabilities code of practice 2014. We welcome and aim to provide appropriate learning opportunities for all children. Children with special needs are admitted to pre-school after consultation between parents, health carers, the manager and special needs coordinator.  Our system of observation and record keeping enables us to monitor children’s needs and progress on an individual basis

SEND Special Education Needs and Disabilities code of practice 2014

  • Children with SEN should have their needs known and met.
  • The special educational needs of children will normally be met within mainstream schools and settings.
  • Children with SEN should be offered access to a broad balanced and relevant education.
  • Parents should play a vital role in supporting their child’s education.

The views of the child should be taken into account. The manager, Kim Windebank is our assigned SENCO, assisted by her deputy, Laura Evamy.

Special Education needs and disabilty picture

We are able to access health and education professionals outside of the group, including therapists, health visitors, psychologists, social workers and paediatricians as may be required, with written permission from you.


All early years’ settings are required to comply with duties as outlined in the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995

The act states that settings must

  • Not treat a disabled child less favourably
  • Be able to make reasonable adjustments for disabled children

Admissions under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 pt.3

  • The Rainbow welcomes applications from all children in accordance with the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 pt.3
  • Places will be offered according to the admission policy

Adopting good practice

We aim to offer our parents and carers a first class professional service and are always seeking to improve our standards of care and education.
We welcome any suggestions as to how we can improve our practice and will willingly adopt ideas that will help us to do so.

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