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We use different teaching strategies, play situations, toys and equipment to provide as varied and interesting program as we can. We encourage visitors from the community (e.g. police officers, fire fighters, paramedics and road safety officers etc.) and plan visits (e.g. library, museum, local shops etc.) to widen your child’s horizons still further. We would welcome you if you have a hobby or occupation of interest that you would like to share.

There will be playtimes, focus times, quiet times and more boisterous times and your child will be encouraged to participate in all of these, to gain the greatest value from the variety and choice that we offer. Your child will be supported to participate in all activities at their own level and we will build on their interests to develop their learning experiences.

How we achieve this:

    • By providing a safe, secure and loving environment in which it is exciting to grow, play and learn
    • By providing a balanced curriculum, using the Early Years Foundation stage document as guidelines for an on-going learning programme, in which the child’s individual progress is planned, monitored and developed, as well as resources and stimuli for free play, creativity and imaginative role play is encouraged, where a child may follow their own interests and develop their own relationships amongst their peers.

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    • By following Ofsted guidelines for standards in pre-school education
    • By providing a comprehensive range of toys, equipment and teaching input and other appropriate stimuli to promote learning
    • By employing motivated, loving, generous and caring staff who share a common concern to do what is best for your child
    • By employing professionally qualified staff and staff who bring skills and personal experience to the position, who are willing to increase their knowledge and understanding of their role through training
    • By continuing to strengthen existing links with local schools, working to meet their expectations and making the move from nursery school to mainstream school as smooth as possible
    • By encouraging parental support by inviting you, should you wish to become involved by offering occasional or regular help within the school, sharing hobbies and interests, or joining the Social and Fundraising Group.rainbow playground picture
    • By maintaining links with St Stephen’s Church, to whom we belong and incorporating an ethos of Christian values and beliefs, whilst remaining aware of and respecting individual views and opinions and those of different faiths.


    • By offering places to children with special educational needs and helping them to fulfil their own individual potential. By using an atmosphere of praise and encouragement, this promotes equality and diversity within our safe and nurturing environment
    • By offering excellent communication between home and school via numerous means. This includes building on good relationships and maintaining links on a daily basis to update on progress and development of your child and how we can work together in providing for your child. We also provide parents with an opportunity to attend a parent information evening to view resources that the nursery offers your child and learn how they engage with these to further develop their learning experiences and provide an insight into the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, which your child will continue to follow into their first year at school
    • There are many opportunities for communication between home and nursery via parent newsletters, email, text messages, the parent notice board, the weekly overview and termly overviews to encourage collaboration between your child’s experiences at nursery and home. There is also an opportunity to talk to your child’s key person on drop off or collection to exchange information on a daily basis.rainbow playground picture
    • Communication is a two-way process and we would ask that parents would inform us as to any changes to contact details, change of circumstances which may affect your child during their time with us at the nursery and enable us to offer them our full support where applicable
    • We endeavour to offer your child a generous child/adult ratio in order to give the opportunity to thrive and to participate in all that the nursery offers
    • On joining the nursery, at ages two and half to three and half years of age approximately, children will join the Caterpillar group and will be cared for on a ratio of 1
    • In your child’s pre-school year, known as the Butterfly group, children will be cared for on a ratio of 1:8

These are the government guidelines on adult to child ratios, however our generous staffing ethos, allows us to always offer your child a higher adult to child ratio.

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