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Our staff are kind, generous, caring and experienced people. They value and respect children’s different racial origins, religions, cultures and languages that exist in our multi-cultural society and guard against stereotyping. They are well qualified and fully committed to your child’s overall wellbeing, happiness and development at Rainbow Nursery.

Each child joining the nursery is allocated a key person within their key group (Caterpillars and Butterfly group). The key person will make themselves known to you and you will be issued with their key person statement, with a photo, which will promote familiarity for you and your child. They are your vital link between home and nursery and your first port of call with any questions, queries or concerns.

Your child’s key person will be there for your child to enable them to access all aspects of nursery life and to support them in all their needs.

They will make written observation and track your child’s progress to ensure they are reaching their developmental goals, which is collated into your child’s personal profile. The profiles are there to progress your child on their learning journey. You will receive regular updates and reports, both written and verbally, to keep you abreast of their progress.

rainbow playground picture

Although each member of staff is allocated their own key group, the children will play within the nursery environment and will become familiar with all members of staff who they will play alongside.

All members of staff will be available to care for all children attending so therefore if your child’s key person is not on hand, you can feel assured that there will be another member of staff to support them.